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  • Select webfont style

    Pick the one that suits your project; go with Regular, Solid, or Bold.

  • Choose icon border style

    Give your project the desired look with two available terminations: rounded or straight.

  • Download the webfont

    Integrate icons into your design, get them in SVG format, or start using the font.

Discover how UIcons can benefit your projects

  • High performance

    Performance-oriented: Only one HTTP request is required since it is a single font.

  • Easy to edit

    Full CSS styling capability; make any changes without an additional tool.

  • Responsive

    They will look great on all platforms, wherever you need to use them.

<link href="/website/css/uicons-" 
rel="stylesheet"> </head> <body> <i class="fi-sr-eye"></i> <i class="fi-sr-shopping-bag"></i> <i class="fi-sr-envelope"></i> </body>



UIcons works great on retina screens, ensuring the perfect optimization.

Pixel-perfect icons

Icons designed in 24px square, following the standards of Interface design.

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